17th annual SORC Shoot Out brings one it's largest crowds yet

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UPDATE: Around 140 race cars were in Arnold on Saturday for the last day of the SORC Road Race.

"I just like watching the cars go off," said Jamie Tickle, who lives in Arnold and was one of the spectators.

Participants lined up at 7am for the race. The road going from Arnold to Dunning is closed down for the race. Some racers averaged around 120 miles per hour on the route, traveling a total of 55 miles.

Spectators of all ages lined up to see the race. some kids say it adds a little excitement to their summer.

"It's fun but you don't have very much things to do. Just normal things are happening and you don't see a bunch of SORC cars everywhere," said Tickle.

A barbecue is held in Arnold followed by an award ceremony and street dance.

ORIGINAL: This year's SORC Shoot Out is in full swing just north of Cozad. It's one of the few chances where drivers are able to speed without getting a ticket.

On Friday, racers from all across the country took part in a half and one mile shoot out.

"I've met people from all over," said Jim Durbin, a returning participant.

Organizers said they have around 140 cars out for this year's race, one of their largest turn outs. A lot of participants were from Nebraska, but there were people from Wyoming, Tennessee, Washington, and even Arizona.

"Heard about on speed channel about six years ago or so and it seemed like a great thing to do," said Durbin.

Drivers clocked around 120 miles per hour. EMS and a med flight team were on scene in case of an emergency.

"My family thinks I'm crazy. My friends think I'm crazy but they know Don so that's what we do," said Jackie Audrain, a first time participant.

This is the 17th year of the shoot out. On Saturday, racers will drive the road north of Arnold to Halsey.