Nebraska artist finds joy in painting giant hearts

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HALSEY Neb. (KNOP) -- A central Nebraska woman, who is an art teacher in Broken Bow, is spending her summer painting hearts for Nebraska by Heart.

Nebraska by Heart is a "statewide public art project" that commemorates Nebraska's 150 years of statehood.

Roberta Barnes has painted two hearts for the celebration. She collaborated with two other artists to paint a third heart, and she coached a former student through the process of painting her own.

Barnes loves painting the hearts because she said art is her passion.

"Obviously, I want to make sure that I've done my best job as I present this to the public," she said. "I do want people to find pleasure in viewing my hearts."

The name of her first heart is "Western Gothic: Big Skies Big Hearts." The name of her second heart is "Dreams Become Reality." It is a tribute to a Nebraska astronaut named Clayton Anderson.

Barnes' hearts, as well as the other 80 plus hearts that are on display, will be auctioned off October 6, 2017 at Haymarket Park, which is located at 403 Line Drive Circle in Lincoln.

The proceeds of the auction go to two charities, the Sadie Dog Fund and Lead Up.