Art gallery hosts special show for high school students

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- An art gallery in downtown North Platte is hosting a special art exhibit during the month of March to honor area high school students.

"It's really interesting to (walk) through here," Sue Perez, of Art and Gift Gallery, said. "You can see (each) kid's personality and (their perspective). There is some art that is really humorous and ... there is some (art) that (explores) very, very deep (concepts). There are some real thinkers here."

All of the art was done by high school students. The students are from North Platte High School and St. Pat's in North Platte, as well as Broken Bow and Thedford.

The art show was organized by the art teachers in those schools. Perez said the showcase has not drawn as many people as initially expected. She was little disappointed because she believes it is very important to support these students.

"I hope that people would come down and see this," Perez said. "(It) is every bit as important to the children of today as ... their sporting events. The (show is) very important to these kids. They have worked a long time on these pieces."

The gallery is located at 516 N Dewey St. and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am until 5 pm. The artwork will be on display through March 30, 2017.