Bill would allow teachers to use physical force on students

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- A proposed bill in the Nebraska Legislature may cause major concerns in classrooms across the state if passed

Nebraska Senator Mike Groene's bill, LB 595 deals with teachers being able to use physical force on unruly students.

"It's human nature to be a child and be misbehaved," said Groene. But what we are hearing is that more and more children are coming to school with no boundaries."

Groene, who serves on the Education Committee, introduced the bill last week to protect teachers and school administrators from being sued in the event physical force is used to restrain a student who is misbehaving.

"There is nothing in the statue that says how do you get from point A to point B," Groene said.

The bill would also make it legal for teachers to remove students from class who are repeatedly abusive and disruptive to the classroom.

"My generation accepted that we would have discipline in our classroom," said Groene. "The new generation of parents have looked at things differently, and we need to have control of our classrooms. I trust teachers to the that."

But the bill has some local school officials nervous.

"Our teachers have the flexibility now to remove a child without any force," said North Platte Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Ron Hanson.

While Dr. Hanson believes using some physical force may be necessary to calm a student down, he feels it's not the answer.

"Our main emphasis is you always want to deescalate a situation, you don't want to escalate it. And physical force will escalate the situation and put the child and the adult in danger."