"Bridges" Art Exhibit opens at Prairie Art Center in North Platte

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A traveling art exhibit making stops all across the state opened at the Prairie Arts Center in North Platte on Saturday.

The traveling exhibit is called "Bridges." It's a project by the Hildegard Center for The Arts in Lincoln. Around 800 photos from all around Nebraska were submitted.

Three judges who are experts in the field choose ninety three pictures, each representing a county in Nebraska. The pictures have stories that tell the history of each photo. It is what bridges the pictures to the present.

Organizers say the concept is part of an effort to celebrate Nebraska's 150th anniversary.

"It is going to show off the beauty of the state of Nebraska by bridging the past to the present and that's why we're calling it bridges, sharing our past to enrich the future," said Cathy Harrington, who heads the project.

North Platte is the 4th stop on the tour. The exhibit will be in town until September 21st.