Restaurants and businesses join 'A Day Without Immigrants' strike

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.-- Thursday some local businesses in North Platte and Lexington closed to show just how much they mean to Nebraska.

It's a part of a national movement that is being billed as "A Day Without Immigrants” and some restaurants are taking some heat on social media.

One person wrote on Facebook, "supporting a day without immigrants, I support this too." And another chimed in, "Not against immigrants, but come here legally."

But the owners of a local restaurant says, what they're doing, is standing up for what they believe.

The owners of 3 Margaritas Family Mexican Restaurant who also own restaurants in western Nebraska and Colorado say, they decided to participate in "A Day Without Immigrants" after recent raids targeting undocumented criminals also caught innocent immigrants.

"It's not only the Mexicans, it's all around the world," said Jesse Arguijo of Lexington. "And he, (President Donald Trump) is trying to shut down the doors and that's not right."

The sediment brings back memories to 2008 when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents rounded up undocumented workers at the JBS Swift & CO plant in Grand Island.

"Between one and one million people, half of them come and start all over again; the other half, maybe something went wrong, but that doesn't mean we are all bad people," Arguijo said.

Restaurants and businesses in Lexington also took part to show support for their neighbors.

"It's a good protest," said Jayson Ordonez. "It's not something we are fighting. It's something safe and something that is actually going to make a difference."

This was the first time for these businesses to participate.

"Most of the people that eat, eat at a Mexican restaurant and there's only three Mexican restaurants, so if they all close, we are showing them without us, there is no food, and no stores," Ordonez added. "So we are actually showing them that we make a difference here."

It's really not clear how many businesses participated statewide for this protest. People are hearing about it on social media and deciding for themselves to join in.