Community comes together to help fire victims in Kansas

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- The recent wildfires that burned in four different states engulfed many farms and ranches and left a big portion of land charred.

Matt Reints, is in the cattle business, and says many people lost everything in the wake of these massive wildfires.

That's why he decided to step forward for the community and lend a helping hand.

Reints has been collecting donations from not only the North Platte area,but around the nation to drive down to Ashland, Kansas.

He says the amount of support they've received has been very humbling.

"There's a possibility that over half the cattle in that county may be lost. We just felt like it was necessary for this area to step up and give them something. You never know when it can happen and it could happen to us, obviously from Thursday's events in North Platte and Ogallala" Reints said.

Reints say in times of need, the heartland community always comes together. Over 13,000 dollars was raised along with other donations like fencing materials and food.