Drivers Ed Begins At NPCC

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- Student drivers took the opportunity to go through Drivers Ed before school starts. The course runs from July 25th to the 29th.

With the shift of the gears comes a shift of responsibility for young drivers. At North Platte community college, students are learning the rules of the roads and the legal consequences of not taking it seriously.

“Lot of times what we do as Drivers Ed instructors is we show students where risks are at, where to be searching and identifying with their eyes on where to look for those risks are at," said Will Winchester, an instructor. "We try to teach they how to reduce the amount of risks they get into."

Cody Persinger is one the students who signed up for the class.

"It’s just nice to know all that stuff and actually know all about it so you can be fresh and have good start and know the basics," said Persinger.

Duane Skilas has been instructing students for over 30 years.

“Every student is different. Some of them have experiences and some of them don't so the first day is kind of a good help for us too to understand where the student’s at so we know how far to take them," said Skilas.

Winchester said it is a rewarding experience.

“It’s exciting for me to see those students out on the road and safely operating their vehicles and sharing the road with everyone," he said.

The cost of the class is $225. Those who would like more information about the course, or want to register, can contact Welch at 535-3614 or email