Eclipse glow ball launch

SUTHERLAND, Neb. The Oregon Trail Golf Course will aim to break the Guinness World Record on August 21st.

It's an event officials at the golf course have planned for quite some time.

"This is for anybody that wants to throw a golf ball or hit a golf ball that glows, up into the air during the totality of the eclipse," said Sutherland Reservoir Park Association of Golfers Treasure Mialan Moore.

They now hope to share the experience with others to help break the world record.

"We think the record is zero right now, so we're encouraging all of the golf courses in the area also driving ranges; anybody to go out and participate," Moore said. "Even it is just a farmer or a rancher out in his pasture who wants to just hit his own golf ball that would be great. We just want people to participate."

The golf course has about 100 glow balls on hand for $6 or you can bring your own.

They also advise campers to make sure they reserve their spot in time due to space limitations the weekend leading up to the eclipse.

For more information, you call the Oregon Trail Golf Course at 308-386-4653.