Gaining real world application through media production

COZAD, Neb. Video production students at Cozad High School are getting real world application through the lens.

"When we have a lot of events going on we like to to do our skit called, "Hay Haymakers," said Cozad High School Senior Blake Osborn. "It's kind of just like a newscast and we put on all of the events that are going on in that week into one newscast and we present that to the school."

It's a program that started four years ago as a means to get students up to speed with the industry.

"Our school is very tech savvy so we have a Twitter and Facebook account where everything is up to date within minutes on any of those accounts," said Cozad High School Video Production Teacher Gavin Skiles. "So I feel like news happens so much faster now and people want to be updated right then and there."

While only ten percent of the students will actually go on to get their degrees in the field, they say it's the knowledge gained from the class that will take them a long way.

"It's pretty obvious for me to know the kids that are super interested in it," Skiles said. "They kind of know what they want and what they want the whole feel of the project to come out as."

"It's just really fun because it takes you out of your comfort zone and it makes you create something you never would've created," said Cozad High School Senior Ramon Alvidres.