Local author publishes first book, shares with kindergartners

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- Educators at a local elementary school are spicing up their lessons to help kindergartners learn better.

Jessica Braithwait is a local children's book author and the title of her book is, "Use Your Noodle! Mac A. Roni Visits the Supermarket." The book was published December 1, 2016 and she read it to some youngsters earlier this week at McDaid Elementary.

"I want to teach the kids ... that math is all around them and they don't even realize it," Braithwait explained. "[For example,] when they go to the supermarket ... they're going to use math. They might not understand that it is math, but this book shows them that."

Braithwait is a former teacher. She said the book helps the kids learn about counting, addition and shapes. She also believes the book will inspire children to chase their dreams.

"One huge benefit [for the kids] is to actually see an author in person," Braithwait said. "I think we read so many books to our kids. They don't understand that the book was actually written by a person and that they could become an author too. Kids have so many great ideas in their heads and they don't realize that someday they could become a published author."

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.