NE Business Development Center consults with Lexington business owners

LEXINGTON, Neb. Nuridin Nur has owned his store, African International Food Market on mainstreet in Lexington for the past 8 years.

"I see some stores that just sell Mexican stuff," said Nur. "I see some stores that just sell African stuff and I see some stores that just sell American stuff. But I try to serve everybody."

His goal is to continue growing his business which is why he's meeting with business consultants throughout the state for advice.

"I need advice. So if I get both teams to help me grow my business I will try and do it. I want to try and grow my business like a Walmart," said Nur.

Nuridin's business is one of nine the University of Nebraska Business Development Center is visiting this week.

It's a program that was re-introduced by the department this past summer after a 16 year hiatus.

Schuyler and South Omaha were on the list to participate, but the Dawson County community was chosen based on its diverse demographic.

"Over the last couple of months, it was working with city council members to help recruit businesses as well as the economic development agencies," said Nebraska Business Development Center Market Research Analyst Josh Nichol-Caddy. "The Chamber of Commerce thought this seemed like a very cool program. It's a project that we'd like to be involved in as best as we can and then collaborating in that way."

A team of consultants will return next month to see how things have progressed and if benchmarks were met.