NPPS discusses school budget for 2017-18 school year

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- Nebraska's budget deficit and pending legislative bills could dramatically affect school district funding. School leaders at North Platte Public School District are preparing and staying on top of the district budget.

Stuart Simpson, the Director of Finance, says although the 2017-18 year budget adoption isn't until September, the Finance Committee meets every month to discuss the district's budget and stay on top of the current happenings that could possibly affect it.

There are many complex items that go into making the finalized budget. That's why the Committee is breaking it down into sections and each month focusing on one of those sections to educate the community on the different components of the budget.

Simpson says the board wants the community to be involved and give their feedback.

Another big take away is that Simpson is continuously watching several legislative bills that could affect district funding, such as LB119.

"It was passed and moved to Governor's signature, which postpones state aid until June 1. Until the actual certified document comes to North Platte Public Schools, we won't be able say what we are going to have and what we're not going to have" Simpson said.

Without those state aid numbers, the budget is still a work in progress. If less funding is given to the school, a top priority for the board will be focusing on the classroom, and lessening the impact on the students and teachers.

Next month, the committee is focusing on the expenditure side of the budget.

On August 7th there will be a separate budget hearing for North Platte Public Schools. Simpson says they are setting it on a different night than the school board meeting so they can accommodate everyone and address all concerns.