North Platte Tattoo Artist Puts Color Outside

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Profit Harmon of Red Cloud Tattoo Company used his artistic abilities to bring color and urban culture to the exterior of his building downtown.
A giant mural of Spongebob, and some of his gang, is painted on the side of the tattoo shop's exterior. It is Harmon's first attempt at graffiti.
He plans to change the scene on the exterior every other month or so. He has secret plans for the front of the building. He is hoping that people will be curious enough to see what he comes up with.
He said he wanted to do something for the kids of North Platte. "I always want to keep a theme and keep it child friendly. You know, smaller children ain't usually allowed in a tattoo shop. It's more of an 18 up type of ordeal, so anything we can do just to bring the kids - or something for the kids, and also to brighten up the community - especially downtown. We really want to make the downtown be like the go to spot for North Platte."
Harmon reported that he has seen a lot of foot traffic due to the painting. He said a lot of people have been taking pictures and using the scene as a backdrop for group and individual pictures.
"If downtown's not alive, the city's not alive. So it is good to see community come together. It's good to see everyone making improvements on the building here. IO would love to see more mom and pop small local businesses come downtown so we could just all kind of support each other," said Harmon.