Police: Teenagers confess to shooting cattle with AR-15

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PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) -- Two Pike County, Kentucky men said they feel overwhelmed after discovering eight of their cows were shot and another four are missing.

The shooting happened in the Stone community in Pike County. Joe Yates and Danny Branham said two teenagers used an AR-15 to shoot their cattle several times each.

"When I saw them, it was a sick feeling", said Branham. "You know that you've fed them and cared for them and taken care of them."

Branham said he did not know the motive the teenagers had for shooting his cattle. He said, of the eight that have been killed, five of them were pregnant and the other three were young calves.

"We had one young calf we had to kill," said Branham. "They had hit it in the spine in it's back. And all it could do was just paw around, just try to crawl around."

Yates and Branham care about their animals, but the cattle business is also meant to support them after retirement. They estimate the total value of the cows that were killed to be around $20,000.

"We did this hoping that we could build enough to when we retire, we would have a little extra cash for us and for our livelihood," said Yates. "It's for our families."

Yates discovered a video circulating on social media after his cows were killed. It was of two teenagers showing off a large amount of ammunition and a rifle. Later, the teens were seen recording themselves near the farm where the cows were located.

"And the actual shell casings of the ammo they were using was a specific color," said Yates. "And they were full metal jacket bullets. And when we found them in the Snapchat video, it was the exact bullets that they used on our cattle."

Police said the two teenagers in the video have confessed to the crime.
Charges against them are still pending at this time.

While Yates and Branham were able to bring one of the cows to a slaughterhouse in Bell County, Ky. to salvage the meat, they fear four remaining missing cows are likely dead.

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