South Beach at Lake Maloney sees increase in visitors

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It's been a year since the Nebraska Public Power District made some upgrades to South Beach at Lake Maloney and the public has noticed.

Last year NPPD started work adding sidewalks so that people did not have walk on stickers on the ground. Over the years, they have added grills and seating areas to the beach.

Crews also go out frequently to pick up trash and remind visitors not to litter. Officials from NPPD say the investment has been worth it.

"Obviously South Beach is a community asset. It's an asset to NPPD because of our operations with the hydro plant, but it's also an area I know a lot of people use frequently here in North Platte because there really isn't a facility here similar to this," said Brain Hope with NPPD.

NPPD hopes to make more improvements to the beach with time, those include more grills and benches along the sidewalk.