SpartanNash closes Sun Mart store, sells other to local grocery store owner

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. A North Platte grocery store owner is getting ready to expand.

Gary Suhr of Gary's Super Foods is buying the Sun Mart store located in the Westfield Shopping Center on West A Street.

He is purchasing the store from the SpartanNash company.

The Sun Mart store on Francis Street will close.

Suhr said the expansion has been in the talks for a while, but the pieces just never fit together, until now.

He says this purchase will increase their buying power and allow them to pass on more savings to their customers.

Suhr said he talked to employees at the Westfield store, and is excited to have them become part of the 'Gary's family'.

He is also welcoming employees at the Francis location. "We would also like to see some of those employees come to our store here at Gary's Super Foods, we're going to work on updating that store and keeping it a great place to shop," Suhr said.

Local leaders are reacting to the purchase. "I think the Gary's Super Foods expansion is good for North Platte. He is a local, hard-working, entrepreneur and it's good to see them succeed in our town. He has a loyal following and this shows that," Gary Person, President and CEO of North Platte Area Chamber and Development , said.

The SpartanNash company has not given any information on when they will shut their doors or why.

Suhr said they are hoping the transition will be complete within 30 - 45 days.