Oklahoma man takes plea bargain in Kearney robbery | Wanted in 2 other states

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KEARNEY, Neb. - The Oklahoma man charged with robbing a teenage girl and leading Kearney police on a high speed pursuit has pleaded no contest to felony flight to avoid arrest, misdemeanor assault and misdemeanor false reporting.

Johnny Tavares was arrested after a wild incident in Kearney February 13.

Court records show Johnny Tavares, 34, was arrested after:
-His car was involved in an accident at 39th and 2nd avenue
-He forced the driver of the other car, a Kearney teenage girl to withdraw $100 from an ATM
-He then took off south on 2nd avenue in a green van with Texas plates
-When Kearney police gave chase he drove at high speeds through south Kearney and drove through a corner of Centennial Park
-He led police west out of town on 11th street
-His car struck a garage and a canal embankment at a rural residence west of Kearney
-He abandoned the car and fled on foot
-Kearney police arrested him when he tried to get back into town in a cab.

In exchange for the no contest pleas, prosecutors dropped felony robbery and two other misdemeanor charges.

Buffalo county attorney Shawn Eatherton told NBC Nebraska that Tavares was also wanted for crimes in Florida and Oklahoma and would likely be prosecuted in one of those two states as well.

A passenger in Tavares' vehicle, Stephanie Washington, was found with a quantity of meth and faces drug charges.

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