Two school districts face off in cardboard boat race competition

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. High school science and physics students at North Platte High School and McPherson County faced off in a cardboard boat race competition at the North Platte Rec Center.

Students spent the past two weeks building the boats out of cardboard with the goal to see which boat makes it across the pool without falling apart.

"Mine won but hers kind of fell apart at the very beginning," said McPherson County freshman Jencey Starr. "But I don't know it was a new experience so we had no idea what we were doing. Actually we went into an alley to find a box (laughs). But it was fun. It was a really neat experience."

While cardboard boat races are not new for the rec center, it is the first time two schools have competed against each other.

North Platte High School science and physics teacher Todd Ascherl put the call out to local schools including McPherson County.

"It was a lot of fun until the water started to seep in and I was like "this is not going to look pretty," said North Platte High School Senior Zach Folchert. "I knew it was over about halfway through the pool. But I was hopeful at first, but it was still a good experience."

Students say besides bragging rights, it's always great when they learn about problem solving skills in a unique way.