Two western Nebraska unveil new, prized school addtions

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BIG SPRINGS, Neb. -- Two western Nebraska communities are proud to officially unveil the new additions to their school.

"(We invested) a lot hours and planning," David Spencer, who is the superintendent of South Platte Public Schools in Big Springs, Neb., explained. "(We worked diligently) with our architects and construction company. A lot of work and hours (were) put in (to get this) together."

Residents of Big Springs and Brule toured the school's new facilities on Sunday afternoon. They were able to see the new school library, locker rooms and classrooms. However, Spencer said he is most proud of the renovations that will keep his students safe.

"The (school's) new (features) that are really important are the (upgrades to) fire safety code," Spencer said. "Also, school security was another issue (that has been addressed)."

The original school was built in 1917. Spencer said renovations since then have kept the building in good working order, but he is very excited for the future.

"It's a very exciting (time) for our community and for our students," Spencer said with a big smile on his face. "(It's also exciting) for the students yet to come. This facility will be here for we're hoping another 100 years and the students will enjoy this."