Union Pacific Railroad hiring in North Platte

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. -- Last April, as part of Union Pacific Railroad's initiative to align resources with customer demand, Union Pacific furloughed employees in North Platte and South Morrill, Nebraska.

Now, Union Pacific Railroads say employees are back on the job.

Calli B. Hite, the Director of Corporate Communications, sent a release saying "while we do not provide location specific furlough information, systemwide Union Pacific had about 1,700 furloughs as of March 3, 2017. As a point of comparison, as of March 2, 2016, we had 4,600 furloughs."

Union Pacific also posted jobs for train crew positions out of North Platte and that they are hiring for training classes to start in April, May and June.

To review the train crew job description and requirements here.

Hite said additionally, they expect future hiring for car men, mechanical service operators and diesel electricians.

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Railroad workers responding to the news said they are skeptical, some even saying they are in disbelief that they are hiring at all.

NBC Nebraska reahed out to Union Pacific Raildroad for a response to these comments, but did not receive a call back.