Great Plains Health Brings in First-Class Technology

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Beginning September 1, Great Plains Health patients will be able to access the Getwellnetwork. It is the latest technological advancement in patient care that is meant to streamline healthcare processes such as pain management and service requests.

Doctors can share two-to-four minute videos explaining a patient's medical situation, what medicines they are prescribing, their side effects, and the patients medicine history. The system makes communication between the healthcare providers and the patients more convenient with the Getwellnetwork white board program.

"So the patients can simply click this button at any time of day, and simply type in anything they need to for a question, then we can go in there and acknowledge it, that face-to-face interaction is not lost, and that question can be answered at any time," said Getwellnetwork Administrator Lorie Kelley-Norton.

Another one of the programs in the Getwellnetwork making nurses and doctors jobs easier is the pain rate system. It allows patients to digitally put in how they feel, and it alerts the health staff immediately. Great Plains Health hopes to expand the Getwellnetwork to portable I-pads and other smart devices, so when patients are released from the hospital, they can access the information from home.