Ben Sasse Hosts Town Hall

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Updated: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 06:51:23 CST

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Ben Sasse arrived in Gothenburg as part of his 20 city campaign tour to visit with voters about his candidacy.

The father of three says his reason for running is simple.

"I think we send too many people to Washington," he said. "They think it’s a great job and they love to go there and love the lobbyists buying them dinner and then they let the lobbyists write the laws. I think the Founders’ vision was the right vision. At benfornebraska.com you can see the film we have about moving the Capitol back to Nebraska. What we really mean there with that thought experiment is the 9th and 10th Amendment said “the best governance is the government that is closest to the people."    

The 41-year old has gained momentum since announcing his candidacy in October largely due to hosting "anti–ObamaCare" town hall meetings.

He says the Affordable Care Act is only going to hurt future generations.

"We need to propose an alternative that helps the private sector flourish again," he said. "We need to get back to the place where farmers, ranchers and small business people get the same tax breaks for their insurance that large firms get. Right now, the number one driver of growing the un-insured in America is ObamaCare. But even before ObamaCare, lots of hardworking Nebraskans were losing their insurance because the tax code was stacked against the small guys and need to fix that."

This is the first time the Fremont native and Midland University President has run for office and says he is excited for the May Primaries.

"We’re not running against anybody, we are running for the future of our kids and the voters of Nebraska’s kids and grand kids," he said. "But I don’t think that business as usual works. I think people who are not interested in politics and have been around politics for too long don’t understand the American idea that almost all of life is lived in communities like Gothenburg, Cozad, Lexington and North Platte; this is the center of the world." 

Sasse is running against three other Republicans, Shane Osborn, Sid Dinsdale, and Bart McLeay.