Broken Bow Breaks Ground On New Custer County Judicial Center

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Updated: Wed, 28 May 2014 08:15:14 CST

Governor Heineman, Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Mike Heavican and Custer Campus Board of Directors broke ground on the new Custer County Judicial Center.

It will include two courtrooms, a hearing room, offices for the County Attorney, Probation, clerks of the court and support staff.

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman said Tuesday's groundbreaking is a prime example of the progress and the economic development that is occurring in Custer County.

"Groundbreakings are happening in Broken Bow and Custer County because they are part of this "Nebraska on the move effort" as I talked about. They got great local business and community leadership that cares about this county, this area and they want to make sure they are bringing jobs for the future and that is exactly what we are doing here today," he said.

The $3.2 million state of the art facility is a project that's been several years in the making.

"It's time. Our population is aging, and security and technology is changing. With the courthouse on the third floor we just felt there was something we could do better and do more to really support the needs of those residents in Custer County and the surrounding area," said Custer County Economic Development Coordinator Melissa Garcia.

The new center will be built next to the Custer Campus.

"We are adding new technology all of the time. Filing in court now and access to court records will be done electronically so this facility will fit right into that 21st Century concept," said Chief Justice Heavican.

Officials say the center is essential.

"We are always interested in. Any community that is willing to make the courts have greater access to everybody to provide better security for the courts is a community that has a future in Nebraska. So we think this is great," Chief Justice Heavican said.

Completion is estimated by spring 2015.

As for the existing 102 year old courthouse it will be business as usual.

The only that will be different is anything that has to do with the justice system will be handled at the new center.

Reporting from the Media Center Beatriz Reyna, News 2.