National Get Smart About Credit Day.

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Updated: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 11:25:57 CST

Students at North Platte Community College are getting smart about their credit.

It's all part of a financial literacy program sponsored by the American Bankers Association.

Business students at North Platte Community College are learning the basics of credit.

"I think it's important for them to figure out how to build good credit from the get go and not get into the problem of debt at an early age. I have traditional students who have been there and can verify "stay out of it if you can help it,'"  says Cathy Nutt, NPCC Business Instructor.

Hans Julius with NebraskaLand National Bank spoke with students about the importance of taking charge of their finances.

"They are going to be bombarded with it right off the gate at levels that those of us who have already gone through the college years are going to be much more bombarded and attacked with those credit offers," he says.

And with the recent downturn in our economy, bankers say the topic is more important now, than ever.

"If I have one or two students that it impacts it's worth the effort. I've had students in the past that have come back and tell me they started savings accounts or that they worked to clean up their credit. I believe this woman that was asking the question will probably try to work on improving her credit score," Nutt says.