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Updated: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 11:19:48 CST

It's an honor the school was surprised to receive.

The veterinary technology program at the University of Nebraska–Nebraska College of Techncial Agriculture in Curtis was recently named a top 10 large animal vet tech program in the US.

"That's very exciting for us, I guess I'm not surprised, because we have so many animals available on campus," says  Becky Barnes, NCTA Professor Veterinary Technology.

The list compiled by VetTechColleges.com includes NCTA for the opportunities students receive to increase their large animal experience and understanding by working with animals located at the school

"We take advantage of the animals that we have on campus, the horses, the cattle. We bring in hogs, sheep and goats, so that our students can experience those," she says.

NCTA joins the list that includes: Colorado Mountain College, Alfred State, Vet Tech Institute, Bradford School, The Univesity of New Hampshire, The Univesity of Michigan, La Guardia Community College and Pierpoint Community and Technical College.

"We went through the list and I was like wow. I knew who would be on there. It's nice to be in their company."

VetTechColleges.com says the school is unique in the fact that it is one of the oldest vet tech programs to continually receive accredidation from the American Veterinary Medical Association, which it has done since 1973.

"In our vet tech program, we're required to cover the AVMA curriculum. But because we're in Nebraska, we do focus on Nebraska veterinary medical needs," she says.

Students have the opportunity to work with top of the line equipment in addition to older models, preparing for them for any situation they might face.

"If you know how to run this older one, jumping to the brand new one is not that difficult. If you have your computer skills, their both computers and they can do the same things. The new one just can do some more fancy things, it's kind of fun."

And with all the benefits students are offered while obtaining their degrees at NCTA, it's no surprise those leaving the program leave with skills to carry the industry forward.

"Our graduates are much sought after, especially among our large animal, mixed animal practitioners in Nebraska and surrounding states."