KNOP Midday Friday May 19

Rain continues Friday into Saturday. Below average temperatures are with us for the week ahead.

Two patients create unlikely friendship

Mason Wood, 11 and Myles Johnson, 6 are patients at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital's Lincoln Campus. Through daily therapy sessions, the two became friends and have encouraged each other to get better.

KNOP 10pm Fri Forecast

Showers and storms continue tonight. Scattered showers and cool for Saturday. Mostly sunny and warm Sunday and Memorial Day.

KNOP: NPCC wbsb recruit

KNOP: NPCC wbsb recruit

KNOP Fri 6pm Forecast

Scattered showers and storms tonight into tomorrow. Clearing out Saturday late and staying clear for Sunday and Memorial Day.

Learning to ride a horse at Dusty Trails

The owner of Dusty Trails in North Platte says Memorial Day weekend is the perfect time of year to learn how to ride a horse.

Staying safe in a construction zone

The Nebraska State Patrol is urging patients around construction zones. The state patrol says accidents increase in construction zones


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NBC News Headlines

British Airways Hit By Global Outage, Cancels Flights

The airline announced it was canceling all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick after passengers reported long check-in lines.

Carter Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski Dies at 89

Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser for President Jimmy Carter, and who was recognized for work to normalize U.S.-China relations, has died.

Ireland Appears Set to Elect First Openly Gay Leader

Leo Varadkar has built a wide lead in the race to succeed Enda Kenny as Ireland's prime minister.

Dramatic Raids, New Arrests Over Concert Bomb Attack

Britain lowered its terror threat level to "severe" after raids by police investigating the Manchester Ariana Grande concert bombing.

Texas 'Bathroom Bill' Near Collapse Over GOP Standoff

A proposed Texas "bathroom bill" targeting transgender people neared collapse Friday over a deadlock between moderate and socially conservative Republicans.