Preview of interview with attorney representing N-Corpe

Preview of an interview with Don Blankenau, an attorney who represents N-Corpe.

Heavy rainfall in Western Nebraska

Jacqueline Garcia reports. Heavy rainfall in Western Nebraska

Flooding Concerns

Rain is ending but flooding remains a concern through early this week.

KNOP Kyle Zimbelman signs with Doane

KNOP Kyle Zimbelman signs with Doane

KNOP State T&F Early Day One

KNOP State T&F Early Day One

KNOP State T&F Day one

KNOP State T&F Day one

Sandhills Motors and Jake's Horses and Harleys ribbon cutting with state leaders

Two businesses in Arnold round out the small community. While some small towns struggle to grow, people in Arnold work together to thrive.


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Celebrity chef Mario Batali under criminal investigation

Allegations of sexual misconduct against Batali were first reported in December.

LGBTQ community cheers pope's 'God made you like this' remark

Pope Francis' reported comments have been embraced as another sign of his desire to make gay people feel welcomed and loved in the Catholic Church.

Devices that can track cellphones found all over DC, Maryland, Virginia

The devices can be as small as a suitcase and are used to track cell phones. They can be combined with other technology to intercept calls.

Weeping survivors recall London tower fire horror

Inquiry hears victim's devastating account: 'I held my son in my arms, hoping it was all a bad dream, wishing, praying for a miracle.'

Russian billionaire tycoon with ties to Putin left waiting for UK visa

British lawmakers want to see tighter controls on Russian 'dirty money' in London.