Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo - day two

Day two of the Buffalo Bill Farm and Ranch Expo informs many.

Hot Holiday Weekend

It's looking hot as we head into the Holiday weekend.

Gering Junior High Principal Retires

She was one of eleven kids growing up and was always motivated by hard work

Free Ride Event

The 3rd annual Free Ride Event is back ar Cody Park. All rides are free from 5-10pm on May 25th.

Turning Up The Heat

We made it to the 90s for the first time this year today and we'll heat up even move into Saturday. Hot and sunny for the weekend.

EMS Week 2018

National EMS Week honors first responders.

KNOP Caden Comer

KNOP Caden Comer


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Venezuela releases imprisoned American after two years

The man's release comes a little over a week after he posted two short videos on his Facebook page in which he said a prison riot was endangering his life.

Korean leaders hold surprise second summit as Trump says Kim talks could go ahead

The two leaders met at the demilitarized zone on the Korean border.

Saudi arrests of female activists come amid prince's wider crackdown

"Some Western observers have been happy to turn a blind eye," said Jane Kinninmont, deputy head of the Middle East and North Africa program at Chatham House, a London think tank.

Irish voters appear to embrace repeal of abortion ban

The official tally won't come till Saturday, but two major exit polls suggest that Ireland is moving away from its conservative Roman Catholic roots.

Trump hints axed summit with Kim Jong Un might be back on

"The opportunity is not lost. It is just delayed," one U.S. general said. "It may have been too early to celebrate. It is also too early to quit."