Sunny Again! 3/13/18

First Baptist Church hosts clothing drive

The First Baptist Church gave away clothes and school supplies to North Platte families Saturday morning.

Maxwell's in deep mud with Heritage Days Brodeo

Saturday night the Parrett brothers and Maxwell hosted the 11th Annual "Brodeo" as a part of Heritage Days.

Vintage Baseball

Colorado Vintage Base Ball Association takes on NPCC in classic rules matchup

Storms Tonight & Tomorrow

Rain showers and thunderstorms are likely tonight through late Sunday. Some could be strong to severe, mainly west.

The Selfless Job to Keep Kids Safe

Hear from a crossing guard who enjoys ensuring kids are safe

Weekend Forecast

Rain should hold off till late Saturday, continuing through Sunday.


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NBC News Headlines

Cruise ship passenger falls overboard, is rescued after 10 hours

"I was in the water for ten hours," the passenger said. "I am very lucky to be alive."

Sex abuse scandal leaves some priests grappling with a sense of betrayal

"We don't have all the answers. We're as shocked as you are in many cases," one priest told his congregation.

Afghan president announces Muslim Eid holiday ceasefire with Taliban

"The conditional ceasefire will start tomorrow and it will continue as long as the Taliban preserves and respects it," Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said.

Scientists bolder in blaming global warming for extreme weather

Researchers no longer hesitate to blame climate change for floods, fires and heat waves. Here's how the science works.

Putin dances at Austrian minister's wedding, setting off alarm bells across Europe

Austria's foreign minister invited Putin to her wedding during his visit to Vienna in early June, surprising many at a time when the European Union is increasingly at odds with Moscow.