Health department meets with school faculty for Fall plans

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 5:45 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Local health departments worked with Nebraska schools to offer resources and expertise around COVID-19 planning so schools can get ready to open back up in the Fall. Teachers and staff has an opportunity to ask questions and offer their ideas on what would work best.

Shannon Vanderheiden, the Executive Director of West Central District Health, says they want to continuously work together with the schools to keep students safe.

“Obviously our schools are the experts in education and what those environments need to look like and we’re here to support their efforts. And ensure that we’re helping brain storm around the health factors that we need to take into consideration,” said Vanderheiden.

Health officials introduced their community dial.

“So it’s a dial that theirs a lot of variables and data that goes into identifying where we are. So it ranges from green to red. Green being normal, red being typically an environment where you would look at doing remote learning,” said Vanderheiden.

Their current plans in the works are around yellow on the community dial. Meaning they will encourage face masks, hygiene, and social distancing. They discussed a variety of concepts on what the school days will look like.

“What is transportation look like? Are we able to social distance on the buses? If not, is everyone in mask. What does entering and exiting the building look like,” said Vanderheiden.

Health Officials plan to meet with schools as often as they need to get plans back in place for reopening so when their is a case, schools are ready.

“How do we best equip ourselves to make sure that we’re not creating an environment where schools are having to shut down or it’s really disrupting our education. We’re putting things into place to keep that as normal as possible,” said Vanderheiden.

Health officials encourage people to get their flu shot to prevent the flu and help discern flu from covid-19 as they’r doing investigations.

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