Growing a very special collection of mushrooms

The Private Pantry in Stratton, Nebraska
Published: Aug. 2, 2020 at 1:23 AM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -The Private Pantry in Stratton, Nebraska is very unique. It’s main products are very particular, and particularly delicious to those who love mushrooms - from Shiitake to Blue Oyster, Golden Yellow Oyster and a hybrid between King Oyster and Black Pearl; to Lion’s Mane. Yes, Lion’s Mane.

Lion’s Mane is a very special type of mushroom with a texture like cauliflower, and health properties dating back centuries in traditional Chinese medicine associated with lowering blood cholesterol, as well as supporting neuron function. But the owners of the Private Pantry say mushrooms have a lot of health benefits overall.

They are all grown in a very special place off of Highway 34 in Stratton, just 34 miles west of McCook. And you may think growing mushrooms is an easy task. After all, you can harvest Morels along the banks of the river.

Melissa Dailey and Wade Hanes of the Private Pantry are doing all the hard work for their customers. These are customers who know how lucky they are to have these mushrooms in southwest Nebraska. After all, you will not find these mushrooms in a grocery store.

The have an exquisite taste, and a shorter shelf life. They are in a market of their own,”

Wade Hanes, Private Pantry

Hanes is fascinated with mushrooms. It take 14-32 days from start to finish, plus several very involved steps, to harvest most of the mushrooms they grow.

For Shiitake, it takes nine weeks,”

Wade Hanes, Private Pantry

Before the pandemic hit and closed their business down they had a good market at an Oriental Market in the Denver area, plus, a steakhouse in McCook. Now, they partner with High Plains Food Coop out of Atwood, Kansas, and a local family business Heritage Acres in rural Stratton. The local people love them, and so do the people who order produce boxes through

They are hoping to establish a market north into North Platte and down the interstate with their very special, and very unique product.

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