Pigskin Preview: Sandhills Valley

Mavericks prepared for their debut in eight-man football
Published: Aug. 26, 2020 at 7:54 PM CDT
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Stapleton, Neb. (KNOP) -

The Sandhills Valley Mavericks come into the season prepared to make their debut in eight-man football.

While it will be a step up, head coach Luke Connell is confident in his teams abilities, despite the teams off-season plans being altered due to COVID-19.

“You know, we adapt just like everyone else is going to adapt and that’s kind of the theme of the year. We’re dealt the cards we’re dealt, play them,” said Connell.

With two extra men on the field on both offense and defense, it will allow the Mavericks to expand their playbook, something senior quarterback Conner Phillips is excited about.

“With six-man it was just you had to be getting the ball to yourself and then you can run, but now I have the possibility of running so it’s just now kind of another threat,” said Phillips, who has been the teams quarterback since freshman year.

Not all players will see their positions increase in mobility, in fact, some will see less and that is something lineman Lane Watson is just fine with.

“It’s much easier for us big guys to be able to block and six-man is kind of more of a running sport and I’m not too much of a running man,” said Watson.

The Mavericks open up their season on Friday night against Hyannis.

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