Friday Night Sports Hero: Baylee Steele

North Platte golfer will be playing at collegiate level after high school
Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 10:00 PM CDT
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Anyone who grows up with a golf course on their front door steps is bound to get hooked on the game, and that is exactly what happened to North Platte golfer Baylee Steele, who will be a senior this season for a team with Class A State Title aspirations.

Steele said her and her older brother would make trips across the street to the Lake Maloney Golf Club on nearly a daily basis to hit balls at the driving range. When she was old enough, she started competing against her brother in rounds on the link.

“My brother just started walking across the street and playing some golf and I eventually got old enough to play with him and that’s how we got started,” said Steele.

Steele never saw the game of golf having the impact on her life that it has had until she was given a chance to practice with the high school team when she was only in the eighth grade. That opportunity came from Jim Orcutt, who has been the head coach of the boy’s golf team at North Platte High School for 37 seasons. Jim knew Baylee through mutual family friends and had seen her play in local golf tournaments.

“Coach Orcutt gave me the opportunity to practice with the team when I was in the eighth grade and I think that just really made me realize I really wanted to focus in and try to do my best at the game,” Steele said.

Orcutt, who works with the girl’s golf team in the fall season in addition to be the head coach of the boy’s team in the spring, said Steele puts in more work on the course than any player he has ever coached.

“She’s been known to hit golf balls before school, when the sun is barely coming up in the morning, and then after school she puts in more work than I’ve ever had any golfer do,” said Orcutt.

Steele recently committed to co continuing her playing career in golf at the University of Nebraska Omaha.

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