Witnesses show pattern of Bailey Boswell meeting women on Tinder, talking about torture & killing

Katie Brandle met Bailey Boswell on October 31, 2017. She was in a relationship with Boswell...
Katie Brandle met Bailey Boswell on October 31, 2017. She was in a relationship with Boswell and Aubrey Trail for nearly four weeks.(KOLN)
Published: Oct. 8, 2020 at 6:49 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Thursday’s testimony in the Bailey Boswell murder trial showed a pattern of Boswell and Aubrey Trail meeting women on Tinder and engaging them in relationships involving witchcraft, sex, torture and killing.

Anastasia Golyakova testified that she met Boswell and Trail in the summer of 2017. She was...
Anastasia Golyakova testified that she met Boswell and Trail in the summer of 2017. She was interested in a sugar daddy relationship because she needed to pay for college.(KOLN)

Two more women testified that they had been entangled with the couple accused of Sydney Loofe’s murder in 2017.

First, the prosecution called Anastasia Golyakova, who said she was 18 years old and fresh out of high school in the summer of 2017 when she swiped right on a Tinder account under the name “Jenna.”

Golyakova said she spent a few days talking to “Jenna,” who turned out to be Boswell, over text and learned she was in a sugar daddy relationship with a man named Aubrey Trail.

Golyakova said at the time this is something she was interested in, and after meeting Trail, she agreed to enter into a sugar daddy relationship with him.

“It was just an impulsive thing I did as a teenager,” Golyakova said.

At the time, she was trying to save money to go to college and didn’t feel she could ask her parents to pay for it.

She testified in the Dawson County courtroom that started taking a weekly allowance from Trail, and sold antiques online and at the Aardvark Antique Mall.

She told defense attorney Todd Lancaster she was making $500 a week in antique sales.

Golyakova said it wasn’t long before Trail and Boswell started talking about witchcraft.

Trail told her he was a powerful being and that Boswell was a witch, but Golyakova didn’t believe them.

Then, they started talking about killing.

Bailey Boswell, accused of killing Sydney Loofe, watches women she met on Tinder testify on...
Bailey Boswell, accused of killing Sydney Loofe, watches women she met on Tinder testify on Thursday.(KOLN)

“They said you could make a lot more money if you tortured someone on video tape,” Golyakova said.

She told prosecutor Mike Guinan Trail said they would break the person’s bones and beat them with bats.

She said when Trail and Boswell noticed she was uncomfortable with this discussion, they told her they’d only do it to people who were criminals or bad people, like rapists.

It was at that point that Goylakova started cutting ties with Trail and Boswell, and even warned another woman against getting involve with them.

“I told her there was a lot more going on than what she was told,” Golyakova said.

Golyakova never went to the police because she said she was scared.

“They knew where I lived, where my family was,” Golyakova said. “Aubrey mentioned before that he doesn’t mind taking someone out if they’re in his way.”

The prosecution then called Katie Brandle.

Brandle met Boswell on Tinder in October, 2017. She was in a relationship with Boswell and...
Brandle met Boswell on Tinder in October, 2017. She was in a relationship with Boswell and Trail at the same time Sydney Loofe went missing.(KOLN)

Like Golyakova, Hills and Loofe, Brandle swiped right on Boswell’s Tinder account. Though on this one, her name was Kelsey.

Brandle said she started talking with Boswell on October 31, 2017. She was 21-years-old and looking for a relationship.

Brandle said it wasn’t long until Boswell introduced the idea of them starting a dominant/submissive relationship. Boswell would be the dominant.

“I had never been involved with it before but it’s something I was curious about,” Brandle said.

Brandle said she’d have to follow various rules, like addressing Boswell as “mistress” or “mommy,” she had to do what she was told and she had to be naked when they were inside the home.

She first met Boswell the day after they started talking, on November 1, 2017.

Boswell picked her up for a date at the Ameristar Casino and Hotel. It was there, that she met Trail.

Brandle was told Trail was Boswell’s “master,” and if she wanted to be involved with Boswell she’d have to be involved with Trail.

That night, Brandle gave Trail a massage and oral sex, even though she’s not interested in men.

“I wanted to be in this relationship,” Brandle said. “Despite being a little uncomfortable with Aubrey, I wanted to be with Bailey.”

This sexual activity continued from Nov. 1 to Nov. 6 at Trail and Boswell’s home in Wilber.

On Nov. 6, Boswell took Brandle to her home in Omaha, but the next day picked her up again because Boswell was mad at her for leaving a marijuana pipe in her car.

Brandle said she was threatened with a whipping and eventually assaulted by Trail and Boswell as a “punishment.”

Brandle then spent Nov. 7 to Nov. 14 at the Wilber apartment, continuing to engage in sexual intercourse with Boswell and giving Trail massages and oral sex.

She reiterated several times that she didn’t want to be with Trail, but stayed to be with Boswell.

Brandle also said that during these two weeks, Boswell and Trail talked with her about torture and killing, but at that time she just believed it was all part of their sexual fantasy. She said the same about their talk about witches and vampires.

From Nov. 14 to Nov. 16, Brandle was at her home in Omaha and only texted Boswell a few times.

One text from Boswell said she’d be too busy to text often, a second said she and Trail were too tired to pick her up.

Between Nov. 14 and Nov. 16, Bailey Boswell only texted Brandle a few times, including this...
Between Nov. 14 and Nov. 16, Bailey Boswell only texted Brandle a few times, including this text when Boswell said they were too tired to pick her up.(KOLN)

The prosecution has said Boswell met Loofe on Nov. 14, participated in her killing with Trail on the 15th and disposed of her body in Clay County on the 16th.

On the 17th, Boswell and Trail picked Brandle up and they drove to the bank to put money on Brandle’s credit card so she could check them into the Ameristar Casino and Hotel.

They checked into the hotel on the 17th and went to the buffet and casino that night.

While at the casino, Boswell put her arm around Brandle and told her she, needed to prove herself to Boswell by killing a woman Boswell claimed was stalking her.

“I was scared,” Brandle said. “I remember being quiet and just scared, I didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t sex anymore, this was real.”

She said later that same night Trail talked to her about killing the woman again.

“At one point he said if I did go through with it if I ever told anybody then I’d get locked up and he would find a way to kill me, my family, my cats and I got scared and said okay,” Brandle said. “I just agreed because I didn’t know what would happen if I said no.”

On Nov. 18, Brandle said she doesn’t remember much at all.

She said she remembers sleeping a lot and making a trip to Walmart to drop Trail’s car in the parking lot.

Lincoln Police Investigator Bob Hurley did mapping of Boswell and Trail’s phones from the 18th and found that their phones traveled from Omaha to Nebraska City and back.

Brandle didn’t speak of such a road trip.

She said Trail then told her they had a plan to make money by picking up cocaine in Grand Island and smuggling it for money.

On November 19, they checked out of the hotel at the casino and checked into the Border’s Inn and Suites in Grand Island, once again under Brandle’s name with her credit card.

She said they stayed there for a few days but eventually Trail and Boswell said they didn’t find the cocaine so they came up with a new plan to get money.

“He said he wanted Bailey and I to find somebody to torture and kill and he would watch,” Trail said.

She said they planned to look for a student at the University of Nebraska - Kearney who stayed on campus over Thanksgiving.

“Someone who wouldn’t be missed,” Brandle said.

On Nov. 22, they drove to the La Quinta Inn in Kearney.

Once again, Brandle checked in and used her credit card.

Right after checking in, Brandle checked her phone and saw she had a voicemail from the Lincoln Police Department.

“I got really scared because I thought they had caught wind of what we were doing,” Brandle said. “I thought I was in trouble. I’d been trying so hard to keep from being emotional during all of this because I was scared and it felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown on me.”

Brandle said she played the message for Trail and he decided they had to leave Kearney. They started driving toward Colorado.

That’s when Trail told her they were on the run.

“He said Bailey had met up with this girl and that this girl was now missing and they were the last people to see her,” Brandle said.

It was at that time, they started heading toward Iowa instead.

Brandle got another call from the police.

This time it was the Omaha Police Department who said Brandle’s mom had reported her missing.

Brandle then called her mom who told Brandle her father had had a heart attack and he wasn’t doing well.

She said that’s when she decided she wanted to go home.

She said Trail and Boswell agreed to drop her off at the Ameristar Casino in Council Bluffs. First, however, Trail bought Brandle’s car from her.

Before they went separate ways, Boswell cried.

“She was sad,” Brandle said. “She told me she didn’t hurt this girl, she cried that she didn’t hurt this girl and she just wanted to get it settled and hoped the girl would be found safely for her family.”

On Nov. 23, Brandle was dropped off at the Casino. She said she took a cab to the Walmart where Trail’s car was.

Later that day, she was pulled over while driving that vehicle and taken into custody for questioning.

Brandle said she never met Sydney Loofe or ever heard her name.

She did tell the defense that during her last week with Trail and Boswell, Boswell cried often and got sick a few times.

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