Prosecution, defense rest after two weeks of testimony in Bailey Boswell trial

The jury in the Bailey Boswell Trial has decided to wait, going home Tuesday night and starting...
The jury in the Bailey Boswell Trial has decided to wait, going home Tuesday night and starting deliberations Wednesday morning.(Bayley Bischof)
Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 4:56 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 13, 2020 at 5:26 PM CDT
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Bailey Boswell’s future will soon be in the hands of twelve Dawson County residents.

The jurors in the case will get instructions on deliberations from the judge Wednesday morning and start deliberations after that.

This comes after two weeks of dozens of witnesses testifying and hours of closing arguments.

Boswell, is facing three charges related to the 2017 death of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe, first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains.

Prosecutor Mike Guinan pled with the jury to find Boswell guilty of all three.

“We are not asking it because we demand it, we are asking it because the evidence demands it, the facts demand it,” Guinan said. “Because the state has proven each and every element of the charges as you’ll see in the jury instructions, the law demands it.”

Guinan alleges Boswell and Trail killed Loofe the night of November 15, 2017 after months of talking about killing and torture.

“If nothing else, this case is about an orgasmic desire to torture and kill,” Guinan said.

He said Boswell lured Loofe to the apartment after meticulous planning and within 24 minutes of Loofe’s arrival in Wilber, she was dead.

“I’m suggesting to you Ms. Loofe was pounced upon. I’m not suggesting to you that Ms. Boswell killed Loofe alone, but in tandem with Trail,” Guinan said.

He reminded the jury that Loofe had defensive wounds, that she didn’t go easily.

“She died on that floor in that apartment that night,” Guinan said. “Looking her killers in the eyes, eyeball to eyeball, as she fought for her life.”

Guinan also walked the jury through a timeline of events.

Starting in the July of 2017 when Boswell and Trail met Ashely Hills, to August 2017 when they met Anastasia Golyakova and to October 2017 when they met Katie Brandle.

Guinan said in each case the women were lured with Tinder, got them to agree to follow their rules in exchange for money and then a slow introduction to talk of killing and torture.

He said with each woman, Trail and Boswell changed their narrative from witchcraft, to snuff films, to proving their love, but they had the same intention to get the women to agree to kill.

Guinan pointed out how Hills testified that Boswell’s “eyes lit up” when she talked about torture and killing, and Loofe’s death was a result of that.

He also said the fact that no blood or DNA was found in the Wilber apartment is further proof of the planning that went into Loofe’s killing.

“Premeditation, premeditation, premeditation,” Guinan said.

Defense Attorney Todd Lancaster then had his turn to do closing arguments.

His main argument is that Boswell was just as much of a victim of Trail as Hills, Golyakova and Brandle.

“We talk about how Hills, Golyakova and Brandle were indoctrinated by Trail, why are we not saying the same thing about Bailey,” Lancaster said.

He said Boswell was vulnerable when she met Trail.

She was living alone, working as a waitress in Princeton, Missouri and had just got out of a domestic violence relationship with the father of her child.

Lancaster said Trail brought Boswell into his world and she couldn’t get out.

“Aubrey Trial has threatened every other women and we can make an inference he made these same threats to Bailey, her family, her child,” Lancaster said.

Lancaster alleges Trail is the one who killed Loofe, and he was the one with a plan to do it.

“Does that mean that Bailey knows what the plan is, does that mean that she knows he intends to kill Sydney Loofe and that she herself intends that,” he said.

Lancaster also discussed the claim that Loofe was killed within 24 minutes of walking into the Wilber apartment on the night of Nov. 15.

He said the state doesn’t know what happened, nobody knows what happened.

“The state is pushing a narrative on to you,” Lancaster said.

He urged the jury to focus on the facts that have been proven.

He believes those facts may prove Boswell is guilty of buying bleach and trash bags for Trail to use to get rid of Loofe’s body, and therefore may prove aiding and abetting improper disposal of human remains.

“But does that prove aiding and abetting first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder,” Lancaster said. “No.”

The prosecution then got a chance for rebuttal.

He said Boswell isn’t a victim.

“We have a victim in this case,” Guinan said. “Our victim is Sydney Loofe. We wouldn’t have a victim if it wasn’t for Bailey Boswell.”

He also described Boswell and Trail as the “yin and yang” of this case.

“Boswell and Trail did everything together,” Guinan said. “They bought tools at Home Depot together, killed Sydney Loofe together.”

But he said Boswell did one thing alone, and that’s picking up Loofe and bringing her to the Wilber apartment where she would be killed.

The jury is not sequestered Tuesday night, but if they go past Wednesday with deliberations they will be sequestered.

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