Salvation Army hosts “Rescue Christmas Day”

The group set up in the Platte River Mall parking lot this afternoon.
Published: Nov. 28, 2020 at 11:40 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Salvation Army spent the day in the Platte River Mall parking lot, attempting to “rescue Christmas for the most vulnerable.” There is always a need for assistance around the holidays, but the pandemic has made things even more challenging for many in our community.

“A lot of people are sick, a lot of people are out of work, and the need is great so if you can give we are encouraging you to give. We have about 150 families that we are trying to help this year for Christmas,” said Major Lynneta Poff, a Corps Officer for the Salvation Army.

With many families impacted by Covid-19, some who are usually able to donate, may not be able to provide assistance this year.

“The funds aren’t coming in like they normally do at Christmas which is causing us a little bit of stress at The Salvation Army...If we don’t make that budget we’re not going to be able to help people so we really need the community to stand behind us,” added Poff.

The group is having a difficult time finding bell ringers to deploy with the Red Kettles, but an unattended kettle doesn’t mean you can’t donate. The Salvation Army is now accepting Google and Apple Pay.

“If you go by a kettle and there’s no ringer, look for the little Google and Apple icons on the signs and you can tap your phone to it and make a donation without anybody being there. It’s a great way to give,” concluded Poff.

Major Poff shared one story with us today to illustrate how much it means to be able to help people in need:

“I had a woman call me recently who has lost two family members to Covid, lost her job to Covid, and didn’t know what she was going to do for Christmas and we’re able to help her this year. There are some amazing people in North Platte...We have a loving and generous community that comes together when the need is there.”

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