Family navigates through matriarch’s brain tumor diagnosis

Published: Jan. 18, 2021 at 8:23 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -A local family finds themselves navigating through a difficult health diagnosis of their matriarch. The Stoner family noticed the declining health of wife and mother of four, Diana Stoner. After many tests, Diana was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Specialists say the tumor had been growing for roughly a year.

“We been married for coming up on 30 years, you don’t expect something like this to happen and it was just a surprise,” said her husband, Larry Stoner Sr. “It was like a kick in the gut.”

Diana had been sick since November of 2020. She contracted the coronavirus and recovered but her health continued to decline from previous ailments. While attending the graduation of their daughter, Katlynn Stoner, the family witnessed Diana had difficulty walking.

“When you have a loved one watch your loved ones closely, learn their habits that way when you can see changes in them,” said Larry Sr. “If they are acting differently than they are normal, take note of it. You never know.”

A few days after New Year’s day, while Larry Stoner Sr. was preparing for work, Diana went to the bathroom and became disorientated. When she returned to bed, he noticed her shaking uncontrollably. He took his wife to the emergency room in hopes of finding out what was causing her change in behavior among other things.

Because of COVID-19, Larry Sr. was unable to go back into the room with his wife. The doctors decided to admit her into the hospital for observation. Roughly forty minutes later, Larry received a call from the neurosurgeon team sharing their findings.

Diana Stoner had a tumor roughly the size of a grapefruit located behind her right eye. The tumor was sized to be about four inches in diameter.

Diana Stoner underwent surgery at Great Plains Health a few days later. The surgery lasted for five to six hours. Due to the number of blood vessels surrounding the tumor, surgeons explained they were unable to continue their surgery. They shared with Larry Sr. that doctors located in Omaha or Denver.

Omaha doctors were able to successfully remove the tumor from her brain.

Now, the healing process begins for Diana Stoner and her family.

Larry and Diana Stoner will celebrate their anniversary on February 9th.

“I would love to just hold her,” said Larry Sr. “I would like to be happy with that. I am just happy she is alive. Anything I can do for our anniversary would be great.”

Anyone wishing to help the Stoner family can drop flowers or cards off at 1921 Jackson Lane or donate to their GoFundMe at

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