Fur the Love of Paws setting up for 4th annual ‘Get Egged Fur Paws’ fundraiser

All proceeds benefit organization and other local programs
Published: Mar. 3, 2021 at 7:42 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Fur the Love of Paws is getting geared up for its 4th annual ‘Get Egged Fur Paws’ fundraiser, which is made to coincide with Easter. Patrons can spend $20 on a dozen plastic eggs that are filled with candy, toys, stickers and more.

Jenn Porter-Milne of Fur the Love of Paws says that all proceeds help the nonprofit provide care to the animals they take in as well as assisting other local organizations.

“The proceeds of the ‘Get Egged Fur Paws’ fundraiser go directly back to Fur the Love of Paws Rescue,” says Porter-Milne. “What that means is that all of the funds raised go back into the animals we take care of and animals within the community. We have various programs like Snip it in the Bud, our fur emergency program, and then tons and tons of vet bills. Reoccurring vet bills from helping animals at the North Platte animal shelter and the ones we pull in to rescue. We have several vital programs we do for the community on top of the rescuing that we do. Bringing in funds allows us to continue to provide those programs and to provide the veterinary care necessary for our rescues and animals in need at the North Platte Animal shelter.”

Last year’s event saw a massive growth and Porter-Milne encourages many people to sign up to join in the festivities.

“Last year we had 230 dozen eggs to 140 different residences. It was around 100 dozen more than the year prior. We’d love to beat that this year. We’d love to hit maybe 250 dozen eggs. We don’t care, we’re excited. We really hope people will take part. If you’re not local, you can buy them and we can egg your family, friends, coworkers, boss, anything like that. We really encourage everyone to get involved and let’s do the most we’ve ever done.”

Distribution of the eggs will be on Saturday, April 3, just one day before Easter. All houses receiving eggs will be notified with a sticker on their front door. Options include a gift basket with the eggs in them or they can be scattered throughout the property. Visit the Fur the Love of Paws Facebook page for more information and to fill our the registration form.

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