Brendon Walker heads to Bellevue University to tee it up for the Bruins

Reigning Nebraska State Golf Champion begins college career
Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 10:18 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Brendon Walker grew up playing golf with his brother and had his dad as his coach. He always saw golf as something that he did more for fun with his family. While Brendon loved golf he loved basketball even more, playing it all the way through high school, even running track in the off season to keep in shape. Running track is what kept him from playing on the school’s golf team, until his senior year. That ended up being a good decision for Brendon as he went on to clinch the state title.

“I didn’t golf until my senior year in high school I did track because I like basketball a little more so I thought I’d stay in shape for that... turns out I was good enough I ended up winning state,” says Walker.

Originally during his senior year Walker committed to Hastings where he would get to pursue both of this loves, basketball and golf. But, the more he thought about it, the more he thought he really just wanted to pursue golf.

“I committed to Hastings but that was mainly for basketball and then over the summer I kinda thought about it and I’m a little small for basketball, which I mean some people know that and some don’t care but I did a little bit and I like golf enough to where I just kinda wanted to be on a golf team where I knew the coach was just a little bit more experienced and the team was a little better,” explains Walker.

As he heads into his college career Walker has some big goals set for himself, with the main one being becoming a consistent scratch golfer. Once he accomplishes that task he is anxious to see where his career as a golfer could go.

“My main goal is to be an under par golfer you know obviously if I could make it pro or even minor if people know like on the European tour or whatever it is that’d be cool but I think my main goal is to just be under, scratch golfer,” Walker says.

Some times as an athlete it’s difficult to keep pushing yourself to keep getting better. Walker explained that his motivation comes from turning on the TV and watching the PGA Tour and how the pro’s make it look so easy. The thought of becoming as consistent as them plays a big part in motivating him. Another factor that plays a role in his motivation is his older brother. Walker says always trying to contend with his brother has played a huge role in getting him to where he is currently.

“I can hit the ball like they can every once in a while but just how often they can do it and golf is such a hard game to be consistent brother he probably pushed me the most just cause he’s a little bit better than I am and I wanted to be a little bit better than he was so really it was myself and him together that wanted to make me a little better,” explained Walker.

Every golfer has something that they carry with them from Junior Golf as they move on into college. For Walker it’s patients, something that seems so simple, but is oh so hard to come by on the golf course.

“I think the main lesson is patients I’m not a slow golfer but I’m slower than some people especially when it comes to tournament play so I think it’s just playing my own game and waiting patiently so I hit my shots instead of playing with the other guys an letting them play their game ,” says Walker.

Walker will make the trip to Bellevue in the fall to begin his collegiate golf career.

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