Lindsey’s Limelight: Micheala Wright

Wright heads to Briar Cliff College to pursue her softball & career dreams
Published: Aug. 21, 2021 at 10:43 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Former North Platte High School Softball Player Micheala Wright is heading to Briar Cliff College this fall to make her College Softball debut for a different bulldog. Her softball journey began about ten years ago when she was introduced to the game by her cousins. From there she fell in love with the game and continued to get better and better.

“I played a little bit of Rec Ball and then I joined some travel teams and then got better and better and then I joined the High School team and played for four years and now I’m continuing into college,” says Wright.

Over the course of her High School Career, Wright says she grew a lot and really had the opportunity to sharpen her skills. Her first two years in the High School Program she played Junior Varsity and then her final two season she was apart of the Varsity roster. She claims that it wasn’t just the on the field experience that made her High School Career so special, it was all the little moments spent with her teammates.

“It was all around one of my best experiences with softball. I had so much fun with all the girls the coaches. I improved my softball career like I mean it was so much fun the bus rides just like the whole entire experience was just so much fun,” Wright says.

When it came to the recruiting process Micheala had help from Jeff Banta, who doubled as her High School and Travel Ball coach. Together they set up a recruiting profile where college coaches could find her. As a result, the Softball Coach at Briar Cliff College reached out to her and Wright began the recruiting process to her future school.

“For my Travel Ball Team we set up a recruiting app and got on that and my College Coach saw me at a tournament in South Dakota and got a hold of my Jeff Banta he was my Travel Ball Coach also and got a hold of him and said that he wanted to talk to me an so I emailed him kinda asking what the school was about and started from there I went and visited the college, fell in love with the college my Junior year. I actually committed that night with my coach and then ever since then I’ve just been working for it keeping in contact with my coaches making sure that I’m doing everything I need to be ready for the season,” explains Wright.

When it comes to the “it” factor in choosing a school, Wright says it really came down to the welcoming atmosphere at Briar Cliff.

“The coaches just made me feel so welcome, and they made me feel like it was the right fit that I was gonna have fun there and be able to get the degree I want and just all around it felt just right,” Wright explains.

So what is Micheala going to major in at Briar Cliff? She plans to major in Nursing to achieve her Bachelor of Science and Nursing degree and minor in Criminology. Wright says this is something that she’s always wanted to do. She says she realized that even more when she got her Certified Nursing Assistant certificate and started working at a local nursing home.

“I started working as a CNA about a year ago. I’ve known since I was really little that I wanted to be in the medical field, but I wasn’t sure until I received my CNA and then ever since I started working at a nursing home I love being around that, around what I do,” says Wright.

There are many lessons from softball that Wright will be carrying with her over into her career as a nurse, two of the most important ones being knowing how to effectively work with others and keeping a positive attitude.

“I have to communicate with my coaches and I’ve gotta communicate with my workers, with the softball girls I work with them. Yeah I definitely think just communicating cause I communicate a lot where I work and I have to communicate a lot here. Just keeping a positive attitude. You can’t be rude to people in the nursing field and then you can’t be rude here so I mean just kind of just makes you a better person,” Wright says.

As she prepares to head off to college very soon Micheala has been taking time this summer to really work on some key skills to get her ready to compete at the collegiate level.

“I’ve definetly been practicing a lot on my pitching. I work with my pitching coach and I’m just really trying to get my speed up making sure my spins are right making sure I have as much movement as possible and then that’s really it. I work a little on my hitting...,” explains Wright.

When she is not playing herself, Micheala helps mentor younger girls who also play softball. She wants to inspire them and let them know that they can continue playing softball even outside of North Platte.

“It feels great that I can be one of the role models and help younger girls like want to know that they can achieve way more and know that they can play softball for years and years and years and it’s such a fun sport,” says Wright.

As for her goals in college Wright says she’d love to see her pitching speed improve, but also make a name for herself within the program.

“I definetly wanna pitch in the sixtys (miles per hour) that’s one of my biggest goals is just reaching that mark in my life and then I don’t know I just want to play as much as possible and just I wanna make a name for myself,” says Wright.

Best of luck to Micheala as she goes on to represent the North Platte Bulldogs at Briar Cliff College. If you or anyone you know would like to be a featured athlete on Lindsey’s Limelight, please email for nominations.

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