Friday Night Sports Hero: Spencer DeNaeyer

Mullen High School
Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 11:20 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - This week’s Friday Night Sports Hero features Mullen High School Senior, Spencer DeNaeyer. Spencer plays both sides of the ball for the Broncos as a running back and middle linebacker. While he excels on both sides of the ball his rushing stats are most impressive. His Sophomore year he had a breakout season where he recorded 1,058 rushing yards. His Junior year he rushed for 879 yards and so far this season he has tallied 138 yards. Spencer is far from satisfied with that and is aiming to get as many rushing yards as he can this season.

“I’d like to get as many yards as I can I’d like to get 2,000 these last two games I haven’t gotten as many as I’d like to and hopefully this third game I can... Tackles I’d like to get quite a few of them too,” says DeNaeyer.

Having been a starter on the Varsity squad since his Sophomore year Spencer has had a lot of experience being looked to as a leader. And according to Mullen Head Coach Wade Marsh Spencer does an excellent job of filling that role.

“He is a leader of this team and that’s something that’s been kinda pushed on him towards the end of his Sophomore year, definitely last year. He’s one of the leaders of the team too, so and doing a good job with that and making sure the young guys are coming around and making sure people are doing what they need to do for us to have a good season and he’s doing a really good job with that this year,” explains Marsh.

Much like Spencer is expecting a big season from himself, his coaches are as well.

“He’s played as much Varsity Football as anybody we have, so he’s been there done that. Needs to bring those young guys along, but ya know offensively as we move along here in the season and give him more carries and get him more involved he’s catching the ball really well, defensively ya know he needs to be the one out there talking making sure everybody’s lined up right pointing stuff out and just getting to the ball making plays,” Marsh says.

His Sophomore season was his breakout season, but during this time he was also playing through an injury. Spencer says this is not only where he learned a lot about being tough physically, but mentally as well.

“I had an ankle injury my Sophomore year and I ended up playing through it, then I ended up wrestling through it and ended up having surgery before state wrestling, but it was definitely affecting me in football and that really taught me how to be a lot tougher and a lot mentally stronger,” DeNaeyer explains.

A big lesson that Spencer learned through the game is how to handle two things that are inevitable in every athletes career, winning and losing.

“How to hold my heaed after em’ you can’t hold your head too high after a win or you’ll lose it or if you hang your head too low after a loss you’ll just stay there, so there’s a happy medium that you wanna keep through winning and losing that’s probably one of the biggest things I’ve learned through football,” says DeNaeyer.

When he looks forward to the remainder of the season, Spencer has one thing in mind for his team, winning a state championship. And he plans on doing everything he can to help get them there.

“I wanna go as far as we can I would to win state you know I don’t think your goal should be anything less than that you should want to be the top dog always and if not then you shouldn’t play, but I think we’re capable of it. We’re bringing back a lot of experience and other than that a lot of skill too. We didn’t lose a lot of people... so I expect us to be able to go back there,” DeNaeyer says.

Best of luck to Spencer this season and with all of his future endeavors!

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