NYC man walks across NE for Cozad girl battling brain cancer

NY man walks to raise awareness about pediatric cancer
Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 10:54 PM CDT
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COZAD, Neb. (KNOP) - A man from Brooklyn, New York is walking across Nebraska for a 5-year-old girl who is battling brain cancer.

Jim Hickey started his trek across the state on September 15, the same day as Paishence Meyer’s birthday.

Paishence was 3 years old when the tumors were found.

Hickey became aware of the little girl after walking to benefit many children over the years. He met up with Paishence and her mother, Tara, in Cozad Thursday.

“This is our future,” Hickey said. “My father lived a good life and my brother was 40 when he was diagnosed with cancer, but he lived a good portion of his life. I don’t mean to minimize that, but they got to live and do things that these kids aren’t going to be able to do. I think that it’s a shame that not enough attention is being paid to childhood cancer children like Paishence to help find a cure and help them live their lives.”

“I knew there was something wrong with my daughter and they kept telling me flu and I knew that was not the answer and I kept pursing it and pursuing it and finally I got that answer,” Meyer said. “It was not the answer that I expected, but just trust your gut. Just take them, hug them and kiss them because you don’t know when it is going to be your last time.”

Hickey has walked 222 miles with another 250 miles to go before he arrives in Omaha. So far, he has raised $2,200 for Paishence and is asking for the community’s support.

Meyer’s said her daughter has not been on chemo for a year due to the treatment not working and has an MRI scheduled next month. Meyer’s said the tumor has spread through her daughter’s spine. For now, they are taking it day by day.

Hickey’s previous walks have raised tens of thousands of dollars and wants to do the same with Paishence’s own GoFundMe fundraiser,

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