Football Flashback: The 2021 Maxwell Wildcats

Published: Oct. 27, 2021 at 8:00 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 27, 2021 at 11:57 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - The Maxwell Wildcats finished the 2021 season with a 1-7 record. Their lone win coming in week three, a 60-14 victory over Sutherland. Some say it’s due to a tough schedule. Others believe it is the youth on the team yet to gain experience. Eighteen of Maxell’s 29 players this season were either freshmen or sophomores. Head Coach Eamonn Feeney says that despite the losing record, there are more important things than wins.

“Season overall, if you take a look at the team and you ignore the win-loss record, if you look at us from week one to the final week of the season, we got a lot better. That was my goal overall was each week we strive to get better than we were the week prior. We knew it was going to be a tough schedule. We knew that we weren’t going to win very many games, but I wanted them to give everything they could every week just to get a little bit better. And ultimately, when you look back on your senior season of football or your junior season of football, whatever season it is, did you have fun? And that was the goal was that we get a little bit better and we have fun while we do it.”

Eamonn Feeney, Head Coach

The Wildcat offense put up 23.5 PPG while the defense allowed nearly double that. Senior quarterback Jack Meyer split reps fairly evenly with freshman Easton Jones. Both had near-identical production as well. Meyer finished with 361 passing yards, 4 TDs and 2 INTs. He does see the players underneath him and is excited for the future of Wildcat football.

“I was never really part of a very good team record-wise, but all four years of my career I was a part of pretty good teams. I like being a leader vocally and on the field too. I think there’s definitely very talented kids coming up behind me and hopefully they can turn the program around.”

Jack Meyer, Senior Quarterback

Among those young players is sophomore wide receiver Tyce Cumming. With only five players graduating and over 20 returning next year, the bond between teammates and growth as football looks strong for Maxwell in the coming years.

“I feel like our team’s going to get a lot better. Most of our starters were like juniors and sophomores, besides like some seniors. There’s lots of talent coming up. My relationship with my teammates is very strong and it’s just going to keep getting stronger as we go on.”

Tyce Cumming, Sophomore Wide Receiver

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