Friday Night Sports Hero: Dane Pokorny

Sanhills/Thedford Football
Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 11:20 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - This week’s Friday Night Sports Hero features a running back from the Sandhills/Thedford Football Team. Dane Pokorny, one of the leaders of this Sandhills/Thedford Football Team began playing football as a second grader and has since then helped lead the Knights to a State Finals game last season, and is trying to help his team do the same thing again this year.

“That was the top of my career when we had that semi final game here on this field and there was all these people I mean people surrounding your couldn’t get off the field without bumping shoulders...To be able to have this chance two years in a row with last year being the first year in our schools history or our co-op history to make it to the state finals and be able to do it twice it’s mind blowing it’s the best,” says Pokorny.

As one of the leaders of this Knights team, Dane is not following in anyone’s shadow but with each game trying to forge a new path and help this team play to the best of it’s ability with the help of his fellow Seniors.

“My Senior class we’ve kinda had to step up. I mean since we were young we’ve always had to be leaders of this team and me being one of the leaders of this team, I mean it makes you want to get everybody going and get people fired up and I mean they need to know we have this opportunity to do it and it’s a team deal and we’ve just got to get it done,” explains Pokorny.

Being a football player mental toughness is something that every man on the field has to have. Dane says that’s one of the biggest things he’s learned through football. In addition to playing football Dane is also a State Champion Steer Wrestler. He says that the mental toughness he uses with rodeo he also uses on the football field.

“Rodeo I mean it’s a tough sport you have to practice, and practicing all the time rodeo is hard on your body just like football. Just being tough in the rodeo and it transfers being tough to football. Being able to roll your shoulder and run through somebody is kinda like grabbing a steer and throwing him to the ground I mean you just gotta be a tough person,” Pokorny says.

While Dane loves football he says that he is hoping to pursue his rodeo career in college.

“College rodeo is calling my name more than college football. Cheyenne, Wyoming or Dodge City Kansas somewhere where I can continue my rodeo career,” Pokorny explains.

Best of luck to Dane as he pursues his rodeo career in college and as the Knights finish out their football season!

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