Thanksgiving supplies for this holiday season is suffering a shortage

Food supply is facing a shortage this Thanksgiving season
Food supply is facing a shortage this Thanksgiving season(Andre Brooks)
Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 3:46 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -Thanksgiving supplies during the 2021 Thanksgiving season are facing a shortage.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this has made manufacturers at companies to allocate some of their items and this has affect the amount of foods that grocery stores that they can sell.

“It is tough. A lot of manufacturers have put a lot of stuff on allocation,” Jared Hellmuth, Manager of Hershey Super Foods said. “Sometimes you get what you ordered, sometimes you don’t. Seems like a lot on the packaging side of it.”

While the amount of certain items such as turkey and beef are in good standing, items such as ham, dressing and pie crusts are facing a shortage.

“It’s harder to get those items that have different packaging,” Hellmuth said. “We are good on the turkey side of it.The hams are tight, but we have received what we ordered a while back. ”

Even though the supply of certain items are low, the pricing of these items are not too high this season. According to Hershey Super Foods, a young turkey costs 99 cents a pound, and Stove Top brand Stuffing Mix costs two for $4.

“Meat prices are a little elevated right now, as far as beef. But as far as staples for Thanksgiving, we’re holding good,” Hellmuth said.

Hershey Super Foods personnel believes even though that the supply of food is low, they are certain that they will feed everyone in town, and they highly recommend that you get the supplies you need while they last.

“I’m confident that Hershey Super Foods will be able to take care of their customers. We will be able to provide for their holiday meal, " Hellmuth said. " If there is something special you like for your holiday and you see it, I would pick it up now if it’s there, because it might not be there the next time.”

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