Keep North Platte Lincoln County Beautiful recognizes volunteers

Keep North Platte Lincoln Beautiful honored twelve volunteers for their dedication and service...
Keep North Platte Lincoln Beautiful honored twelve volunteers for their dedication and service to the community Monday.(Beatriz Reyna)
Published: Nov. 8, 2021 at 8:55 PM CST
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - Twelve people were awarded for their volunteerism in North Platte and in Lincoln County during a soup and sweets dinner Monday.

They were all recognized for their service and dedication to keeping areas in Lincoln County beautiful.

The award recipients picked up trash along the roads, cleaned up cemeteries, and even canals.

“People in the community had called in and let us know that there were people who were doing good deeds that maybe weren’t being recognized for those so the people that we’re honoring tonight just saw a need in the community and went out and did something about it,” said KNPLB executive director Mona Anderson.

The non-profit organization has recognized their volunteers for more than two decades.

“They are doing good things in the community and making it better so that we can attract people into the community,” Anderson said. “People who come here want to stay, they want to visit and hopefully we can get businesses to relocate to the community because they see what a beautiful place this is.”

The late Frank Carland, a long-time board member of the non-profit organization, Frank Carland, was also honored for his decades of service.

Award recipients include:

  • DiAnn, Gary, and Ian Nichelson: The Nichelson’s have volunteered in many capacities over the last 15 years including litter cleanup, yard judging, annual litter index, and service to the Board. This past year Ian passed away. DiAnn and Gary have continued to clean litter off of the road routes that Ian had cleaned for several years.
  • Leva Cochran and Joy Bamesberger: Both ladies volunteer through RSVP. Leva has spent many hours cleaning the streets in her neighborhood. In addition to cleaning up litter, Joy also assists with the Adopt a Spot program which cares for public flower beds throughout North Platte.
  • Dennis Thompson: Dennis serves as the Fire Chief for North Platte. In his free time, he has edged the grave markers at the Children’s Cemetery, for neighbors, sprayed weeds, and spread mulch for City projects. Dennis doesn’t have to be asked, he sees the need and quietly accomplishes the work.
  • The Late Frank Carland: Frank was a long-time supporter of KNPLCB and the City of North Platte. He worked for the City for 30 years. Frank gave generously in time and money for the creation of Keith Blackledge Park, trees on Burlington Boulevard, Cody Park rain garden, and many other projects. He served KNPLCB as a volunteer Board member for over 15 years.
  • Madison Lawrence and family: Madison and her family were visiting an area around the North Platte River/Canal (Tail Race) and were taken back by the amount of litter that was present. They rallied the community to assist them in a cleanup. She secured all of the sponsors and volunteers. Over a few short hours, 240 lbs. of litter was removed. She also has coordinated the removal of a refrigerator from the canal.
  • Rachel Allison: Through the years, Rachel has provided her tree knowledge for many in the region. You have likely seen some of her work even though you might not know it. She is the UNL District Forrester. Rachel has planted and cared for hundreds of trees in our county and overseen many planting projects. She has served as a volunteer Board member for KNPLCB.

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