New survey reveals what Huskers fans want at Memorial Stadium

Memorial Stadium in Lincoln on a clear, fall afternoon.
Memorial Stadium in Lincoln on a clear, fall afternoon.(Ryan Swanigan (KOLN))
Published: Mar. 8, 2022 at 12:42 PM CST
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LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) - A recent survey from the University of Nebraska reveals what Huskers fans want the most at football games.

The survey had more than 21,000 participants representing several types of Huskers fans, including students, alumni, general fans, and season ticket holders. The goal of the survey was to establish what fans cared the most for at Memorial Stadium.

The survey looked at several aspects of an experience at Memorial Stadium.

The over-performing features included the quality of the sound system, availability of covered seating, and the scoreboards and video boards.

Under-performing features included parking access and convenience, ease of purchasing concessions, and the stadium exit process.

One of the lowest-performing aspects of the stadium was seat comfort.

According to the survey, 77% of respondents believe seat comfort can be enhanced. As well, 38% believe seat comfort is the most important gameday element, followed by 17% choosing sightline to the field, and 14% choosing seat location.

The survey also looked at fan interest in new types of seating, including new ledge seats with individual seats configured along a drink rail, as well as club seats that feature individual chairs with wider, padded seats and increased legroom.

The survey found 88% of respondents had some interest in purchasing the new types of seating. One comment read “New seating options would bring some much-needed variety and newness to Memorial Stadium.”

Others did not show as much interest in the new seats, with one comment reading “Just need to make the current benches more comfortable.”

Respondents noted the most-needed features of new seating include wider seats and more legroom.

The survey also looked at interest in alcohol and gambling at games.

According to the survey, 72% of respondents had a positive or neutral attitude toward alcohol at the stadium, while 53% had a positive interest in the inclusion of alcohol-free sections. The majority of participants across all ages responded that the sale of alcohol at the stadium would either have no impact or increase the chance they attend games.

Gambling was the most divisive aspect of the survey. Only 31% of respondents were positive toward legalized sports gaming at the stadium, while 40% showed a negative outlook, and 29% were neutral.

One positive comment about gambling read “If you want a family-friendly atmosphere, [you] need to be price-conscious. Alcohol/gambling could greatly offset expenses to reduce ticket prices.”

Another commenter added “Please do not allow alcohol or gaming. Would really ruin the family experience.”

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