Meet the candidates for Lincoln County Commissioners District 2

Published: May. 9, 2022 at 4:37 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - On May 10, residents of Lincoln County and surrounding areas can cast their ballots for various positions. Voters are encouraged to review their districts because the county school board and city council lines have been redistricted.

The Lincoln County Commissioners are tasked with managing the county’s budget and making the best usage of tax payer’s dollars. High property taxes, transparency on the board and the conditions of the county roads are a few of the areas that many of the candidates hope to address.

Kent Weems is running for re-election. Weems and Chris Bruns have spearheaded efforts to broadcast the Monday Commissioner meetings to increase transparency and awareness of what’s taking place in the county government. Weems’ hopes for re-election come when the county has implemented economic development programs and efforts to improve the roads department.

“My focus has remained on efficiencies in all aspects of how we operate, such as maximizing the functions of what we do now and generating more non-conventional revenue sources that offset tax requirements,” said Kent Weems, Candidate for Lincoln County Commissioners District 2. “The expansion of the jail is a prime example of that. We are going to capture another one million dollars of revenue from the facility and those funds will go to the general fund, which is money we do not have to ask from our taxpayers.”

David Huebner is a fifth-generation in Lincoln County, whose family homestead in Hershey. Huebner has a background in emergency management and homeland security. He understands one of the major concerns for residents is property taxes. Huebner has ideas for relief to taxpayers and other ways to increase efficiencies in other county departments.

“I will fight for everything we can do as a county to protect our families, heritage and country,” said David Huebner, Candidate for Lincoln County District 2. “With careful consideration, we could work on a property tax refund as a county. The county road department needs the tools and training to do an even better job. Our sheriffs need a task force to help take down narcotics on Interstate 80. Rural fire departments need to be equipped for everything that comes their way and for them to be safe in those situations.”

Todd Roe is a business owner with county government experience in Brady, Nebraska. He understands the responsibility of managing tax dollars while recognizing the burden of expensive property taxes on many businesses and landowners taxpayers. Roe wants to provide transparency for tax payers and help assure that their dollars are being used in the best way possible.

“There are large taxpayers that want to know where the money is and why it is being used certain ways,” said Todd Roe, Candidate for Lincoln County Commissioner District 2. “Maybe you cannot fix it, but you can explain it. I want more transparency for our taxpayers. I have a unique ability to take control and step in and make tough decisions. You cannot change anything unless you are willing to get involved. I want people to know that I want to hear them.”

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