Meet the Ward 3 School Board Candidates

Each School board Ward 3 candidate hold different ideals and identify specific issues they...
Each School board Ward 3 candidate hold different ideals and identify specific issues they hope address if elected.(Marresa Burke)
Published: May. 9, 2022 at 4:33 PM CDT
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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) - On Tuesday, May 10, voters can go to their respective voting sites and cast their votes for various positions. Voters are encouraged to review their districts because the county school board and city council lines have been redistricted.

Each School Board Ward 3 candidate holds different ideals and identifies specific issues they hope to address if elected.

Emily Garrick is a small business owner and former art teacher. She hopes to encourage parents to be more active in their children’s education.

“I’m really in tune with the problems our educators are facing,” said Emily Garrick, Candidate for School Board Ward 3. “The culture of our schools is something that I really want to change. On top of that, I’m very transparent and approachable. I love to listen and hear other people’s opinions. I think that that is really important when you are in an elected position.”

Mark Nicholson is the incumbent in the race. During his time with the school board, he has helped members navigate through the pandemic and hopes for an additional four years in the position. His commitment is to keep kids taken care of and educated while at school.

“The school needs to become a cornerstone for the youth in our community, especially those disadvantaged youth,” said Mark Nicholson, Candidate for School Board Ward 3. “We’ve been in a pandemic that the kids, a lot of times, didn’t have any place else to go. Simple basic needs, like food and clothing, are often supplied through the school district. Keeping that funding going and the schools strong is very important to many of the kids in our community, and it keeps a good base of youth that will supply the next generation.”

Suzanne Donnally is a North Platte substitute teacher. She retired from her civilian job at the Department of Defense. She has a passion for education, and her goal is to prepare children for their futures while making North Platte Public School more competitive with schools throughout the state.

“I’m about the mission, strategic plans, and working the plan,” said Suzanne Donnally, Candidate for School Board Ward 3. “I’m running to make sure the values of North Platte remain for years to come because that’s what built a great country. The pioneers, railroaders and bridge builders had values very similar to this, and it means we continue moving forward and I don’t want to see that change.”

Mitch Wager is also a candidate running for School Board Ward 3. Wager has been unhappy with the board’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. He promises voters that he will preserve the culture and values of Nebraskans.

“I will bring the fight when battling future unconstitutional acts,” said Mitch Wager, Candidate for School Board Ward 3. “I will fight any ruling body that would attempt to bring about unacceptable sex education, critical race theory or any curriculum that goes against our mid-western values. I am fiscally conservative, socially libertarian, and mid-western all the way through.”

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